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Vyvid is the first visual search app and marketplace to prioritize products from exciting retail start-ups to consumers online and through augmented and virtual reality.

We love technology! We love AI! We noticed that all the visual search apps out there think Google Lens, think Pinterest Lens are ad tools for big businesses with the biggest budgets.

This means that some of the most interesting and very often most innovative startups are missed out.

We want to shed a light on these people! We know you guys make up 96% of businesses in the UK and there is so much diversity. We understand that the biggest challenges are training sets for images because some of your images are very unique.

We understand all these dilemmas. This is why we are perfect for you startups. We have created a marketplace for you where once you list your products.

Our smart cookie AI learns the descriptions, tags, machine learns the images, breaks it down to tags, colours and context.

When consumers takes a pic for search, the same is done on their end so as to compare the tags from their end and from yours to create personalised matches online or in mixed (augmented and virtual) reality.

They can then order your items and voila more sales. This is the first of its kind, to focus all that artificial intelligence power on you the so called small guys.

This is because we believe in you, we trust in you and we see the glory in you. What are you waiting for?

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